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Beautiful Grave

Von: Arrowwood
Merlins Nose Records, 2012, CD, Jewelbox

22,99 €

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Once immersed into the depth of the songs, you will hardly want to leave those regions again. It's difficult to describe it more applicable than the band itself did it: "A dream about a dream within a wood... ". Nature mysticism, fairytales, absolutely mesmerizing vocals and an archaic ritual-atmosphere are characterizing the songs, which are floating like the ghost of a mythical creature among old ruins and bushes of dark holler.

Sometimes music tells you more about its creator than he himself could ever do. Chelsea Robb, born in Albion, now residing in the mystical north west of the USA already fits well with the image of an incarnated elementary spirit from her whole appearance and has opened the gates to the magical kingdom in a musical way. Gentle, ethereal and sometimes even ghostly haunting sounds, created on all acoustic instruments such as flute, hurdy gurdy, reed organ and several stringed instruments apart from the classic acoustic guitar build the fruitful soil for a mystifying vocal performance by Ms. Robb who also perfectly performs in a duet with an even more powerful male voice courtesy of NOVEMTHREE mastermind Pythagumus Marshall. An enchanting swarm of different rattles, timbers, bells and rainmakers comes buzzing around the melody patterns, only scarcely driven by an occasional hypnotical beat of a hand drum. The surreal beauty of this second full length album by the project under conduction of Chelsea Robb knows to enchant the listener every second and to tickle his senses. This way even soft, calm and dreamy music can be utterly exciting. The spell of the magic kingdom works well into our dimension through the music of ARROWWOOD.

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