Cancer Medicine from Nature

The Herbal Cancer Formulas of Edgar Cayce and Harry Hoxsey
Von: Bloom, Roger
Eco Images, 3. Aufl. 2006, 32 S. m. Abb., Geheftet

ISBN: 978-0-938423-08-9

10,50 €

Cancer Medicine From Nature explores the natural ingredients of the formulas suggested by Christian mystic Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) and Harry Hoxsey (1901-1974) in detail and from a modern perspective. It presents the reasoning by which they may be seen as divine gifts of sophisticated medicine. Cancer Medicine From Nature suggests the hopeful promise of natural medicine surrounding us all.
Roger Bloom has been a student of the Edgar Cayce readings for more than twenty years.

- Alternatives for Those Who Seek
- Harry Hoxsey; Edgar Cayce
- Hoxsey Therapy at the Bio-Medical Center
- Alternative Cancer Therapies
- Medicine From Nature
- The Hoxsey Formula
- The Herbal Ingredients From a Modern Perspective
- Conclusion

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