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Introduction To The Basic Conditions Of Contemporary World and Human Considerations
Von: Atmani
Mani Verlag UG, 227 S., 24cm x 17cm, Softcover

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First volume of the comprehensive cymatics series from Atmani.
Volume 1: Introduction To The Basic Conditions Of Contemporary World and Human Considerations
Volume 2: Methodology of Cymatics
Volume 3: InnerCymatics
Excerpt from the preface:
In the mid-20th century, Hans Jenny initiated a new approach to looking at the world. As his wife later related in a film interview, he would go with her and the children into nature and then went into silent contemplation for hours. In this practice we can sense how he lived and observed the world. From these observations, he became more and more capable of grasping the nature of artistic penetration. 
In addition to the experiments he carried out in various ways, he was also able to give these observations mental permeation. The starting point was always the experiment. In his book Cymatics, Jenny presents the triadic original phenomenon in such a way that it is possible to look at the world in terms of shape, rhythm, and movement. He does not do that to create a new ideology, but rather to create an opportunity to look at the world from a living point of view. Entirely new insights saturate the interior of the tangible world. One of the main mistakes is to believe that cymatics always adds sound or vibration to the experiment. No, this is something to which it was unfortunately greatly reduced through its use in recent decades. The mistake is to believe that this addition of the dimension of physical sound distinguishes the experiment.
For Jenny it was much more than that: it was about what manifests itself in the many areas of the world and about how capture this in paintings. Thus, the object of this book is to explain step by step what is part of Cymatics and what has been forgotten from Jenny’s original thoughts. But this is only possible in an historical context. What is essential here is spiritual science as anthroposophy. It desires to expand all sciences, through which they become associated again with the whole of reality. It is important here in particular to consider the emerging momentum of observation in Goethe, which Rudolf Steiner elevates to a method for Goetheanism. Cymatics, according to Jenny, leads to all areas of life. Therefore it requires three volumes, for which this first volume is in a sense the foundation. The second volume, “Methodology of Cymatics,” then systematically explains the methodology. But cymatics does not stop in the face of the innermost questions of the world. According to Jenny, it can be guided and developed through the observation of social and historical issues in all areas. These questions will then be presented in their form in the corresponding life and reality areas in Volume 3, “Inner Cymatics.”


Atmani ist Komponist, Künstler und Forscher; Erfinder, Heiler, Autor verschiedener Bücher (Der Ton der Erde und der Ton des Menschen) und Initiator des 1. Welt Kymatik Kongress. Im Zentrum arbeitet er künstlerisch und forschend, umgehend mit dem Ton und dem Laut in ihrer Erscheinung in Gesang und Sprache; er ist Begründer der Anthropofonetik (anthropos – Mensch, fonos – Sprachlehre und Klang).

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