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Holy Picnic

Von: Aleppo Pine
Merlins Nose Records, 2011, CD, Jewelbox

ISBN: 8437005066342

7,99 €

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Aleppo Pine walk those ethnic hippy spiritual trails, those which have been formed by the greats of the genre - Golden Avatar, The Strawbs, Quintessence and The Incredible String Band.

The sound is very much mellow and almost middle of the road. It is inoffensive as it rolls along, going through the motions of acoustic ethnic to the full on Quintessence styled improv with passion throughout the fifteen tracks of Holy Picnic.
The tracks are varied and they keep us interested. They move in that almost 70's feel, while progressing as far as today for influence as well as sound reference.
The singing could be likened to the sound of Clutch's vocalist. He sounds very similar to that American Counter Culture Rock style, but here it sounds natural. There is also a female vocal that accompanies on several tracks, which also fits this style, as they too have a sort of rock edge to them. I like the way it all flows and sucks you in.
If you like the middle of the road ethnic vibes of the Golden Avatar then Aleppo Pine could be right up your street. They are a good reference point to visualize the sound of Holy Picnic, but bypass Hare Krishna and think of a more Pagan Ethic.
From Aural Innovations #42 (May 2011)

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