Mother Healing, Audio-CD - english version

Heal the relationship with your mother
Von: Young, Thomas
Sunny Days Verlagshaus, 2011, CD, runs ca. 35 min.

ISBN: 4260021690093

19,95 €

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MOTHER HEALING gifts its listeners with the possibility to heal the relationship with one‘s personal mother and to simultaneously breakthrough into an experience of the Divine Mother. 

As long as the relationship with the personal mother is disturbed, it will be difficult for spiritual aspirants to fully surrender to the unconditionally loving energies of the transpersonal mother. Many seekers ask in their prayers and meditation for a contact to higher dimensions while at an unconscious level they may prevent it at the same time. The same holds true for the domain of partnership - no matter if you are a man or a woman - as long as the relationship to your mother is not clear, the archetypical masculine and feminine energies cannot enfold their dance which both genders so deeply long to experience.
Through a unique change of perspective MOTHER HEALING succeeds in breaking those patterns on a feeling level and guides us into an inner space of free flowing love. In a surprising way the relationship to the mother will be finally healed so that a new space to encounter the Divine Mother opens up. 

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