At the Portal to the final Lantern | MAGIC AND MYSTICISM OF THE THIRD MILLENIUM

A Novel
Von: Stejnar, Emil
Stejnar Verlag, 2019. 288 S., kt.

ISBN: 9783900721084

20,00 €

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This book is part of a unique course of learning in magic and mysticism. In his books, Emil Stejnar has brought magic and mysticism from the world of Medieval miracles into the modern world of scientific study. His ideas and discoveries are also recognised in academic circles.

Annika, a young scientist has been abducted, and the life of her fiancé, Prof. Berg, who is desperately searching for her, is also in danger. They have data relating to an invention that will usher in a new scientific era. A fanatical, ruthless cult and a powerful, unscrupulous company want this secret. In a race against time, the trail leads to Prague, where Prof. Berg awakes under mysterious circumstances in a strange house after an accident.

"Awakening" is the central concern of all initiation and spiritual training. This special state of consciousness, where a person understands that they exist, is the basis of all self-determined personality and the first goal of all occult traditions. “Most people believe that staying "awake" is keeping their eyes and their senses open and their body alert during the night. People are more convinced that they are awake than of anything else; but in reality they are caught in a net which they have woven themself from their thoughts and feelings, a net that is a phantasm from which dreams are made. They remain dreamers.” These words come from the works of Gustav Meyrink, who understood, explained and described the mystery of awakening like no other spiritual researcher.

In this gripping thriller, "awakening" is illuminated from various different points of view. The evocative imagery, interwoven with well known and less known quotations from the works of Gustav Meyrink, draws the reader ever deeper into the world of the protagonist, where dream and reality can no longer be told apart. This Kafkaesque disorientation and the instruction provided trigger the awakening that, like an initiation, leads to a new understanding of yourself.

Anyone who knows Stejnar and Meyrink should read this book.

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