The Princess and the singing Wood

A Tale of Darkness and Light
Von: Kannapinn, Pernilla
Worms-Verlag, 2019, 64 p., many Illustr., 30,5 x 30,5 cm, Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-947884-06-3

28,75 €

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Driven by a deep longing for the horizon, the princess of Inski Pinski sets sails one day to discover what lies behind the ivory coasts of her little island. After a long journey she finally reaches a mysterious land with dark woods full of strange creatures. This new world, previously hidden to the princess, holds adventures and surprises, but also great perils.
Inspired by Scandinavian Folklore and the breathtaking landscapes of Norway, the author transforms subtle social criticism and big topics like the destruction of the environment and finding one’s self into an elaborately illustrated fairy tale. For horizon-longers, sun-seekers and earthworm-savers of all ages.
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