Step Out of Your Old Shoes!

Let Go of Old Habits – Give Your Life New Direction
Von: Betz, Robert
Robert Betz Verlag, 2011, 235 S., Hardcover, in englischer Sprache

ISBN: 978-3-942581-22-6

17,95 €

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A Fascinating Motivational Book on Self-Discovery and Personal Growth
Robert Betz, the well-known psychologist and life coach, encourages us to take inventory of our own lives – in aradically honest way. Stepping away from old patterns, lifestyles, and habits is possible! In leaving behind an exhausting existence marked by strain on body, mind, and soul, each and every one of us can step into a life that makes our hearts sing with joy …
• Recognize your »old shoes« – and step out of themy
• Make peace with yourself and your past
• Convert pain, anxiety, and anger into joy
• Make new decisions and live your own truth

“While reading Step Out of Your Old Shoes! it suddenly dawned on me why my life has progressed the way it has thus far. I understood!”

“Never before has a book so effectively jolted me awake. And never have I inhaled, as it were, a book page for page – relishing it and worrying that it would soon be finished. For me, this book is and will remain a bible on life.”

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