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Hidden Shadows

Von: Zpira, Lukas
Hors Editions,

ISBN: 9782952366915

35,00 €

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Limitierte Auflage - 1000 Stück.

Hidden Shadows is the second book of the body artist Lukas ZPIRA published by Hors Editions. Limited edition photography book printed at 1000 copies, numbered and signed. The first 200 copies will be dedicated to the city of New York, home of the clans Hidden Shadows. In 2006, Laurent COURAU of published « Vampyres » by Flammarion with illustrations by Lukas ZPIRA. In order to complete this work, Hors Editions publish a book of cutting edge photos on one of the most important american est coast vampyres clan based in Harlem, Queens and the Bronx. An event around the release of Hidden Shadows will take place the 28th of October in New York at the dojo of the clan.

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