Reclaiming the Joy in Being a Man

How Men Can Rediscover Their Manhood
Von: Betz, Robert
Robert Betz Verlag, 2011, 240 S., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-942581-26-4

18,99 €

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Manhood Is to Be Celebrated!
Robert Betz provides modern men with completely new impulses, encouraging them to really and truly live their manhood: freely, authentically, and with self-confidence. Leaving insecurity and self-doubt behind, men can discover the true meaning of manhood in all facets of their lives: in everyday life, work, and relationships.

A powerfully written motivational book for all men who want to give their lives deeper meaning and new direction. Even women reading this book will start seeing the man at their side, and men in general, with new eyes …

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