Welcome to the Realm of Abundance!

Creating Success, Prosperity, and Happiness
Von: Betz, Robert Theodor
Robert Betz Verlag, 2011, 189 S., Hardcover

ISBN: 978-3-942581-21-9

14,95 €

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All people long for a fulfilling existence – and yet so many of us are caught up in a consciousness of scarcity: we “lack,” we “need,” and so forth. Many people live lives defined by constraint instead of choosing to explore their creative potential, allowing their power of creativity free reign.

Robert Betz, a psychologist who has proved to be one of Germany’s most successful lecturers and seminar instructors of recent years, lets us in on his formula for success. Through a straightforward and inspiring approach, he reveals how we can overcome states of scarcity and associated feelings, enabling each of us to find our very own path to a successful life – one filled with abundance on both material and spiritual planes.

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