The Czech Coronation Jewels

Unknown History – Hidden Messages – Long-lost Symbols
Von: Bonek, Tomás
Eminent, 2006, 182 S., m. farb. Abb.

ISBN: 978-80-7281-221-9

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The coronation jewels of the Kingdom of Bohemia are singular and unique. The St. Wenceslas crown is not only a ruler's symbol, but also the symbol of the country. It hides the secret of uniqueness. Its charm lies neither in its antiquity nor in the number of the enchased gems alone. It bears the sanctity and the secret lore assigned to it by Charles IV's commission. Its existence is first mentioned in the protective document from 6 May 1346, issued by Pope Clement VI. After Charles IV's rule, the crown was used for the coronation of twenty-one kings and seventeen queens. The often dramatic destiny of the crown has been closely connected to the destiny of the country. For six hundred years it has been the cherished token of our home. It does not demand any privileges, for its mission is its privilege. It has been weighed and measured many times, the most experienced experts have assessed its precious stones, and many parts of its history have been elucidated.

The book The Czech Coronation Jewels is an exceptional addition to the history of the crown, as it — for the first time — offers the possibility to trace the way of thinking of Charles VI, who, when commissioning the making of the crown, contemplated the symbols to be concealed in its form, and the choice and arrangement of its gems. The Czech royal crown is a symbol, and as such an inexhaustible source of inspiration. One can see it a hundred times, yet the one hundred and first time can be like seeing it for the first time since true symbols evoke, in the souls of those who try to understand them, even more than what the creator put in.

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