Praga Hermetica

Von: Stejskal, Martin
Eminent, 2006, 152 S., m. zahlr. Farbfotos, Gebunden

ISBN: 978-80-7281-164-9

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Praga Hermetica attempts to re-configure the individual fragments of an old mosaic (or, perhaps, an old palimpsest) into an overview of Prague. The details develop into contours revealing the main direction of the so-called Royal Route in both its exoteric and esoteric senses.
Praga Hermetica represents an hermetic interpretation, of astrological significance, of the foundations of Prague's religious buildings. While describing and decoding external architectural details of religious and secular buildings, it also integrates these within the successive operations of the alchymic Opus Magnum. The book also contains a list of Hermetic and related motifs (depictions of the god Hermes, the caduceus, etc.) on old and more recent Prague buildings.

Out of the contents:
- The Origins: Paths of the Solar Sulfur
- On the Royal Route I
- The Cabala of Minerals and the Unicorn
- The Secret Pivot of Prague
- The Ancient Chivalric War
- On the Royal Route II
- The Ancient Chemical Opus
- Splendor Solis
- On the Royal Route III
- The Seal and the Pledge
- Mercurial Motifs on Prague Houses

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