Divine Blueprint, Audio-CD - english version

Contact with your Highest Essence
Von: Young, Thomas
Sunny Days Verlagshaus, Audio-CD, Laufzeit: 42 Min.

ISBN: 4260021690055

19,95 €

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Conscious merging with the core of our being enables us to directly connect with the unfoldment of our highest potential.Blueprints exist independently from the specific healer who may help to call them in, in fact you may call them in yourself if you are versatile enough to establish the connection. On the islands of Hawaii the kahunas, the hawaiian medicine men and women, assume, as many other indigenous people too, that “in the heavens” a perfect, harmonious, complete version of ourselves exists, like a heavenly twin or an energetic double.

In their culture this “Divine Blueprint” will be invited in parts or totally for the sake of healing and a reunion with spirit. The DIVINE BLUEPRINT ceremony developed by wisdom teacher Thomas Young leads to a direct reconnection with our highest essence. The new method DIVINE BLUEPRINT wishes to be a contribution to make this graceful experience accessible to many people in form of a guided ceremony. 

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