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Lago d'Iseo

4Land Cartography, 2021, 68 x 99 cm opened 12,5 x 22 cm closed

ISBN: 979-1-280-49608-9

12,00 €

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Enchanted place, to be experienced 365 days a year. The new map of the trails and mountain bike routes of Lake Iseo (Sebino) includes all the mountain ranges of both the Brescia and Bergamo shores and a large portion of the Franciacorta area. The Sebino Nature Trail, the Antica Via Valeriana and the Oglio cycle path are highlighted.

This is a 1:25000 scale map printed on Polyart, an high quality material waterproof and tear-proof. It is ideal for hiking, trekking, mountain biking and all other outdoor activities

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