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Field Notes of a Psychonaut
Von: Pennington, George
Lenzwald Buch- und Medienverlag, 2013, 206 S., 21 x 14 cm, gebunden, in englischer Sprache, in englischer Sprache

ISBN: 978-3-9815643-6-5

14,50 €

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Many people have asked me: „George, do you believe in life after death?“ Well, I don‘t know what happens after death. No one ever came back to tell me about it. But what I firmly believe in is a life before death. This is not a matter of course. On the graves of many people we could write quite truthfully: Died at the age of 52, buried at the age of 75. That is what happens when the shadows win. And, as I see it, our task as humans is not to let this happen. Facing and riding our shadows is a good way to avoid this fate.

A Psychonaut, a modern portmanteau of the Greek psyche (soul) and nauthes (sailor), that is, a sailor of the mind/soul, is a person who experiences intentionally induced altered states of consciousness in an attempt to investigate his or her mind, and possibly address spiritual questions, through direct experience.
Goals of psychonautic practices may be to answer questions about how the mind works, improve one‘s psychological state, answer existential or spiritual questions, or improve cognitive performance in everyday life. (Wikipedia)

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Pennington, George

George Pennington, geboren 1947 in Washington (DC), lebenslang ein passionierter, psychologischer Forscher, arbeitet als Trainer und Coach. Mit seinen Veröffentlichungen will er anderen Menschen Einsichten vermitteln, die zu einem bewussten, eigenverantwortlichen und erfüllten Leben beitragen.

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