The Tone of the Earth and the Tone of the Man

Von: Atmani
Mani Verlag UG, 346 S., 21cm x 24cm, Hardcover

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Cymatics was brought to light as a new avenue of scientific enquiry by Hans Jenny. Hans Jenny was engaged in investigating his initial question of the morphological formation processes of living organic forms when he died in 1972. Jenny – researcher, physician, painter and family man – left a host of drawings behind that delve deep into revealing the structures of Nature in
their essence.
This book would now wish to continue the path of cymatics by examining the original impulse of the entire world – the word – in respect of the larynx such that we are able to construct a new phenomenal relationship and thus a new relationship with the word. The word is given form by tone; and so a new understanding of music is required.

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