Natural Bhakti

Von: Ram das
Tattva Viveka, 2007, 70 S., Kartoniert

ISBN: 978-3-9804144-4-9

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Von Ronald Engert alias Ram das.

Bhakti is the natural function of the soul. The science of attraction is an approach to Bhakti that works with this natural function. This requires the absence of force. By forcible demands and strict rules a pressure is developed that is unfavorable for Bhakti. No pressure is necessary and the transcendental position of Bhakti means that she is not dependent on jnana and vairagya (knowledge and renounciation), but self-manifesting. Bhakti is the transcendental emotion of bhava, a feeling.

Without the pressure of moral and ideological affright no fear and guilt is provoked. Then Bhakti grows in a natural and very intense way. Bhakti is completely independent. Bhakti only comes from Bhakti, as Srimad Bhagavatam states in 11.3.31: bhaktya sanjatayah bhaktya. Natural Bhakti is Bhakti beyond fear and guilt, an integral approach that is based on freedom and equal vision.

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